The Star-Spangled Girl

The Star-Spangled Girl by Neil Simon

Directed by Robert A. Easton

March 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th, 2007

At the Utah Arts Alliance Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

Cast and Crew

Andy Hobart .... Robert A. Easton

Norman Cornell .... Bob Lanoue

Sophie Raushmeyer .... Brooke Bastian

Produced by Robert A. Easton and Beth Bruner

Stage Managers were Jessica Haley and Emily Mahaffey

Set design by Robert A. Easton and Brooke Bastian

Lights designed and operated by Tom Maggio

Sound design by Robert A. Easton

Sound operated by Jimin Brelsford

Art design by Dave Bastian

Photography by Jacob Bruner

Marketing by Dave Bastian

This show is dedicated to Brooke and Dave Bastian, Beth Bruner, Stage Right Theatre Company and Wasatch Theatre Company, without whom ATG’s second season wouldn’t have been possible!

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